“What Happened to the Offering Figures in the Bulletin?”

Several people have asked this question in recent weeks. In short, on a trial basis, we will be providing this information to our members BY MAIL on a quarterly basis along with your financial giving statement. We are trying this method for two reasons:

  1. Just as you would not show your income statements or bank deposit slips to guests in your own home, so also it is not a good practice to display openly this kind of congregation information to guests and visitors at our worship services. This comes as a strong recommendation from the two Coordinators of Stewardship Ministry for The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.
  2. By mailing this information to our members along with their quarterly giving statement, we are able to provide our members with a more complete picture of congregation’s finances. Previously, on the back page of each week’s bulletin, we included the offering totals from a single weekend. Some weeks these numbers were high. Some weeks weeks these numbers were low. And other weeks they were somewhere in between. In any case, a single week’s figures do not provide a clear overall picture of our income over time. In addition, no figures for expenses were included in the bulletin. However, a quarterly report from our congregational treasurer will provide both income and expense figures over several weeks’ time. It will include totals from our General Fund, our Building Fund, as well as special gifts and offerings. We hope this will give you a clearer picture of where we stand financially.

Members, please look for this report along with your quarterly giving statement in your mail the first half of October. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Pastor Michel or our congregational treasurer, Mary Donegan.

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